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Cross-quarter day: Beltane, May Day, Sixth Station of the Year/Kalends of May

This is one of the major Pagan Festivals of the year. It signified mystical union and the time when the plant is in full growth and in harmony with the environment.

The Pagan Book Of Days, Nigel Pennick


The sane know contentment, for beauty is their lover, and beauty is never absent from this world.

— St. Teresa of Ávila


What Does Light Talk About? — St. Thomas Aquinas

When you recognize her beauty,
the eye applauds, the heart stands in an ovation,

and the tongue when she is near
is on its best behavior,

it speaks more like light.

What does light talk about?
I asked a plant once.

It said, “I am not sure,
but it makes me grow.”


Wring Out My Clothes — St. Francis of Assisi

Such love does
the sky now pour,
that whenever I stand in a field,

I have to wring out the light
when I get


They Can Be Like a Sun — St. John Of the Cross

They can be like a sun, words.

They can do for the heart
what light can
for a field.


Come to my bedroom — Mirabai

Come to my bedroom,
I’ve scattered fresh buds on the couch,
Perfumed my body.

Birth after birth I am your Lover,
Sleep only with you.

Mira’s Beloved does not perish
One glimpse of the Dark one
Is all she requests.


The Sky’s Sheets — St. Teresa of Ávila

When God touches me I clutch the sky’s
the way other

the earth’s weave
of clay.

Any real ecstasy is a sign
you are moving
in the right

don’t let any prude tell
you otherwise.


Always Kissing — Meister Eckhart

They are always kissing, they can’t
control themselves.

It is not possible
that any creature can have greater instincts
and perceptions than the
mature human

ripened me.
So I see it is true:
all objects in existence are
wildly in


It Works — Rabia

Would you come if someone called you
by the wrong name?

I wept, because for years He did not enter my arms;
then one night I was told a

Perhaps the name you call God is
not really His, maybe it
is just an

I thought about this, and came up with a pet name
for my Beloved I never mention
to others.

All I can say is —
it works.



Belly Dancer — Rumi

Most poets are like a belly dancer
who never reveals anything below her waist —

I won’t tease you like that
for I love when your
eyes get



On the Sabbath — St. Thomas Aquinas

On the Sabbath try and make no noise that
goes beyond your

Cries of passion between lovers
are exempt.


Only Pucker At Certain Moments? — Hafiz


Does God only pucker at certain moments
of one’s life?

No way!

He is the wildest of us


One Regret — Hafiz

One regret that I am determined no to have
when I am lying upon my
death bed

is that we did not kiss


Soon We May Be Kissing — Kabir

There is dew
on these poems in the morning,
and at night a cool breeze may rise from them.

In the winter they are blankets, in the summer a place to swim.

I like talking to you like this. Have you moved
a step closer?

Soon we may be


Maybe It Will Become Chic — Kabir

I was invited
to an important conference
where many learned men from different countries
were all going to address the topic

Where is God?

I was wearing my best clothes and had even fasted for a week,
hoping to sharpen my mind. Just before I was to leave though,
I felt powerfully drawn to a little shrine in my bedroom,
and I went there and knelt to pray.

I could not believe what happened:
Kali threw her arms around me and started tearing at my clothes,
then she started throwing delicious food into my mouth,
purposely missing several times it seemed,
to soil my pundit attire;

and then she made me perform many times as if I were her
husband; then she said, “Now, Kabir, don’t be LATE for that big talk,
and don’t change your clothes– I like that love-stained look;
maybe it will become chic?”

I arrived just as it was my turn to stand before this august crowd,
and apologized for my appearance.

“So: Where is God?,” the head of the conference says to me.

“Well (well, I stammered), if you really want to know the truth — if
you hurry — you might catch Her legs spread
back at my


I Get Dizzy — Mira

I can’t forget about love
for more than two

I get dizzy if I think about anything
but the way you pant
in my


It’s the Shell Trick — Tukaram

It’s the old shell trick with a twist:
I saw God put Himself in one
of your pockets.

You are bound
to find


If we came from God and live in this mortal life, then there’s a desire to go back to God. There’s always that draw there. — T.S.


This is a world of duality. Ecstatic love has a physical component to it when you’re existing in a world of duality. It isn’t about being embarrassed or shamed. It’s about being able to experience something that’s very remarkable. — T.S.