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“So, what if on your journey you were forced to make decisions relative to what you knew at that moment and what seemed to be, really, the only choice that there was? And that was your path. So, does there really have to be blame? It’s the narrative that you bring that has everything to do with what you’re going to do next.” — T.S.


If we are fortunate, there are wonderful individuals that come into our lives. They make every difference in our shape — in where were turn to find that Light. How grateful our souls are to stretch and lean and grow into that Light we help each other find. And we will grow to that Light in whatever path it must make. There is no choice except to grow — sometimes slowly, sometimes more quickly. But we are growing beings and will grow. The question is only how that growing will form us.

What, then, of the Dark? Along the way, so much makes that growth toward the Light difficult — in so many varying ways and degrees. But if that Dark were not there, I am thinking lately, would we ever be able to discern the Light? Would any part of us bend and stretch to find it, or really try?

If a small plant grew in a dark, closed space, and many feet away from this plant a hole developed in the enclosure’s top, which allowed in a shaft of light, that plant would focus entirely on growing toward the light. It would use its entire possible energy to reach that Light, forming itself only to it. If then, a person having not known that plant’s circumstance then saw it, what would he or she see? All he or she would see would be that line to the source of light, like an arrow or X-marks-the-spot, and all along the way, the branchings of searching for light in other directions all ultimately ending on the same one source. This is all we ever see of each other: unknowing of our growth circumstances, we see our current forms that grew through our own Darks and Lights and searchings. How I hope we can remember our gentleness when seeing our fellow beings.

What of the Dark? It falls away. It doesn’t live. We may all have to stretch into so many different spaces just to see, just to check and hope and wonder if there might be Light for us there in that direction. And maybe there is; maybe there isn’t. If there is, those parts of us grow a new branch; if not, those parts of us wither or they make a turn, a new shape, and grow back toward the Light. But the whole shape of us comes always from trying for that Light, though — reaching for what belongs to something inside of us already, for what matches up with what will make us into what we can be.

And the Dark? There is no way to resent those who have opposed us, who have even harmed us. Whatever has passed in the Dark draws an even clearer line for us, if we look, of where our Light really is. With it, we are surer and surer of what is not part of us, what will not let us grow. This leads us evermore toward what will form us into what we really can be. The Dark develops our discernment, allows us to see it for what it is, so that we see the Light clearly. In this growth, this struggle, this learning, we can know with absolute certainty what draws us, what really matters, what we will reach for under any circumstance.

This is what we are given to take with us going forward: knowing what is really ours, knowing the greatness we reach for is already within us. That is how we recognize it all along.