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“6 December

Thor/St. Nicholas/Santa Claus/Egyptian Day

The Gnostic followers of St. Nicholas, the Nicolaites, taught that the only way to salvation lay through frequent sexual intercourse. In northern Europe, St. Nicholas absorbed Pagan attributes from Woden (Odin), chief of the wild hunt, who rides through the sky with reindeer and forty-two supernatural huntsmen. Since the Reformation, this saint has become merged with the Father Christmas of Yuletide. The modern Santa Claus also has elements of Thor, traditionally depicted riding a goat and carrying a wassail bowl.”

— Nigel Pennick, The Pagan Book Of Days


Any real ecstasy is a sign you are moving in the right direction, don’t let any prude tell you otherwise. —Saint Teresa of Ávila


Passion makes the old medicine new:

Passion lops off the bough of weariness.

Passion is the elixir that renews:

how can there be weariness

when passion is present?


Oh, don’t sigh heavily from fatigue:

seek passion, seek passion, seek passion!

— Rumi


“This is a world of duality. Ecstatic Love has a physical component to it, when you’re existing in a world of duality. It isn’t about being embarrassed or shamed. It’s about being able to experience something that’s very remarkable.” — [T.S.]



(2015 April 8)

by me, for T.S.


There is an Answer

somewhere on your body

— somewhere in its warm hiding place.

I know

because the blood has flooded to my lips

the thousand,    thousand,    thousand times

they have sent themselves into the air


to find your hairs tickling them.


I think

it could be just there.


there — where your chest and neck meet,

by your left collar bone,

where the heat gathers on you

when you’re talking away and I’ve forgotten what you say.

And when I        finally      go to breathe in the answer,

again I must feel the weight of myself nowhere near you.


And that damned answer —

over there —

mmmyyyyy goodness.


I think then,

if that is where it is,

when I get to it,


I will let my lips search





places of you first.

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Je Veux 

(2014 July)

by me, for T.S.


Je veux… supprimer votre cravate

et à déboutonner votre chemise,



Je veux… sentir les cheveux gris

sur votre poitrine

avec mon nez,

mes lèvres,

mon visage entier.


Je veux… toucher vos mains —

si bon,




Je veux… toucher votre poignet

et votre cou,

et sentir

le pouls

sous votre peau.