“I wish I could show you,

When you are lonely or in darkness,

The Astonishing Light

Of your own Being.”

— Hafiz



You are you. You are not someone else’s idea of you. You’re you.

You’re the person who does what you do so beautifully. It is not necessary to enter into these situations of other people and accept that you are to be who they believe you to be — even need you to be — for their convenience. You are you, wholly, wonderfully. And you’re allowed to be that and become that entirely — without their permission, without their comfort.

You are you.

— [T.S.]


into the strenuous briefness

BY e.e. cummings

into the strenuous briefness
handorgans and April
darkness, friends

i charge laughing.
Into the hair-thin tints
of yellow dawn,
into the women-coloured twilight

i smilingly glide. I
into the big vermilion departure
swim, sayingly;

(Do you think?) the
i do, world
is probably made
of roses & hello:

(of solongs and, ashes)