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Leonid Meteor Showers

This year’s Leonid meteor shower will be visible tonight and through the morning. Leo is in the east sky and the shower will likely concentrate around it — visible in most places in the northern hemisphere beginning at midnight (locally) on into the dawn.

more information on the Leonid meteor showers


“To this point, we can think of it as matters of fate. We can think of it as stars that are misaligned. And the stars are real. Those are real things. Whether from God your soul was meant to learn lessons, or from an astrological setup these events have taken place, or just the luck of the draw. Whatever higher power we want to place in the big setup as you arrived, it’s ok. They are probably all the same thing. But the *key,* the crux of the matter, is what you do at this moment. The unity of Truth! Really! That’s what you’re talking about. And if that makes a difference in how your head is set up, then it can really change things. ” — [T.S.]